Unique aspects to the Texas Black Belt Classic Invitational Tournament

The rules of our tournament are similar to many other organizations. Here are a few of the differences that our tournament will enforce. If you would like clarifications of any of our rules or it you have any questions regarding our basic rules then please contact Master Mike Johnson.

• Competitors must wear white uniforms only. No stripes or multi-coloring within their white uniforms. Black Belts may wear a black collar on a traditional Taekwondo Dobok. School and style patches are allowed and encouraged.
• Black Belt officials must wear black uniforms to officiate. No stripes or multi-coloring within their black uniforms.
• Black Belt officials will be provided through associated schools. If you are outside our affiliation but interested in helping officiate then please contact the tournament director.
• Competitors must pre-register to sign up for the tournament. The due date for our entry forms is Wednesday, November 5th.
• The tournament will begin at 10:30 AM sharp.
• Black Belt forms and fighting will be conducted first, and finished, before all other divisions begin.
• Only traditional forms are allowed in forms competition. Students must execute forms according to their rank in their style and school. Advanced competitors (brown, red and above) may execute any traditional form.
• Adult black belt forms will execute their forms one at a time.
• All competitors below Black Belt and all children competitors will execute their forms two at a time. Those two competitors do not have to do the same form.
• There will be NO re-starting of forms that are forgotten.
• Upon a tie in forms competition intermediate and above divisions must execute a different form than their first competition form.
• Rules regarding face contact in all children divisions and adult divisions below advanced level will be strictly enforced.
• A scored hand technique will grant 1 point and scored kicks will grant 2 points.
• A 7 point spread will stop a sparring match, not 5 points.

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to seeing you at our tournament.

Master Mike Johnson
(817) 274-9812